Together for Children

The Association

Founded in 1996, in Greece, “Together for Children” (TFC) is a non-profit/non-governmental Association comprised of nine member organizations that work in the field of child welfare. 

The Association provides assistance to more than 30,000 children in need on an annual basis – irrespective of race, religion and political conviction – facing poverty, social exclusion, domestic violence, chronic diseases, mental or physical disabilities or the sickness or death of an immediate family member.

In cooperation with other international organizations, the Association and its members are pioneers in the development and exchange of good practices as well as the promotion of scientific research concerning children and young people in need. The services offered at their facilities on a non-profit basis are of high quality and frequently serve as case studies in their field.

In 2016, the Union was honored with the Silver Medal of the Academy of Athens for its social contribution, while in 2019 it received a BRAVO Award for engaging with thousands of citizens in support of its initiative "Equal opportunities for children: Actions for Health and Education in remote areas of Greece".


In order to directly impact young people and families most effectively, the Association actively practices its philosophy “power through unity” through harmonious cooperation and collaborations with over 200 child protection organizations nationwide.

Mission Statement

To provide immediate and effective support to children, families, and individuals with disabilities who are in need.


• Anthropocentric approach: We put our beneficiaries and their needs at the center of the programs we develop.
• Non-discriminatory assistance: We assist children, adolescents and families regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious status, beliefs, disabilities, age or sexual orientation.  
• Partnerships: We join forces with our network of organizations to promote and exchange good practices.
• Transparency and Accountability: We operate with strict rules that ensure the sound management of our finances and abide by the policy of open information in all our practices. 
• Teamwork: We encourage teamwork as a way of working inside and outside the union.
• Innovation: We utilize technology to develop and maximize our social impact.


"Together for Children" is an economically independent organization operating on economies of scale. It is mainly supported by corporate and private sponsorships, revenues from corporate social responsibility programs and the organization of charitable events.

In addition to providing financial support to its members, the Association strengthens its network operators with donations of basic necessities, while implementing its own programs in the following areas: Health & Prosperity, Poverty & Livelihood, Education, and Emergency Assistance in Humanitarian Crises.

Volunteerism is a driving force of TFC, contributing directly to the promotion of its goals and the implementation of its actions.
Adhering to the principles of accountability and financial transparency, the Association annually publishes its financial accounts which are audited by certified public accountants.