Together for Children

Founded in Greece in 1996, "Together for Children" is an association of non-profit NGOs, that work in the field of child welfare and is managed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of each member-organization. 

The Association offers every form of assistance to children and young people irrespective of race, religion and political conviction,  supporting more than 30.000 children, on an annual basis, including more than 10.000 direct children beneficiaries.

Mission Statement
The mission-statement of this unique alliance is “power through unity”.

The Association's main aim is to support children and young people in need, particularly those facing poverty, social exclusion, domestic violence, chronic diseases, mental or physical disabilities, or the sickness or death of an immediate family member.

Beyond the actual provision of services to children in need, the Association's aims are to:

  • Offer psychological, moral and financial support to children and families in need
  • Inform the public and raise awareness about children in need
  • Promote voluntary action in the service of children
  • Collaborate with similar organizations in Greece and abroad
  • Advance scientific research
  • Raise funds through the organization of cultural, educational and athletic charity events

Apart from the funds that we raise through campaigns and fund-raising events, our goals are supported by the business community and individual donors. “Together for Children” is an accountable Association, following the policy to use only up to 10% of its annual budget for administrative costs. The Association’s goals are supported by the business community, independent foundations and individual donors in Greece and abroad, as well as through fundraising campaigns and events.

Many renown institutions and companies have shown trust in “Together for Children”, such as  The Hellenic Initiative,  Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Radcliffe Foundation and TOMS, the American shoe company, being some of its major international donors.

The funds raised from all our activities are distributed equally to our members. Furthermore, voluntary work contributes to the success of our activities and events, as well as to the promotion of our goals.