Complaints Policy

Together for Children always strives to provide the highest quality of services in all our endeavours. If any of our organizations actions and initiatives or action of any of our employees, partners or volunteers does not in some way represent our quality standards we encourage the person affected to communicate directly with us with their grievance. This policy outlines the formal complaint procedure to be followed by any affected party. We commit to take all complaints seriously and to engage in any follow up action in an efficient manner.

Complaints procedure

If any affected party wants to communicate a complaint they may use the following channels. Firstly, if there is already established communication between the party and one of our employees they may air their concern and resolve it directly. If they wish to make an official complaint they should send an email to: . In addition, the complaint can also be made by phone to the number +30 2107482690 on working hours. Within your complaint communication please make sure to be as specific as possible about the complaint and to include your contact details so that one of our associates can contact you.

Complaints response

We commit to answer in a timely manner and make our best efforts to resolve the issue. According to the complaint the relevant departmental head or project manager will be the first to respond. If the issue is unresolved at that level or relates to the relevant manager the complaint will be handled directly by the General Manager. If it is still not resolved or if it is very serious complaint the issue will escalate to the Board of Directors. If the complaint is very serious and might involve criminal actions the police or any other relevant authority might be notified to perform an official investigation.


We commit to handling all complaints with confidentiality and only the people concerned will be notified. Anonymous complaints will also be taken seriously however we encourage all affected parties to provide their contact details in order to contribute in any investigation of the complaint necessary and to accelerate the resolution of the complaint. We adhere to all GDPR rules and laws and any complaints that relate to confidentiality should be forwarded to the Data Protection
Officer at