Donation of Equipment for the Reopening of Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli

Together for Children delivered necessary equipment to the Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli in Thessaly to facilitate the operation of the center that had been completely destroyed by the floods that swept through the area in September 2023.

During the inauguration ceremony held on Monday, April 8th, Deputy Minister of Health, Eirini Agapidaki, Regional Governor of Thessaly, Dimitris Kouretas, the Governor of the 5th Regional Health Authority, F. Seretis, the Mayor of Larissa, Athanasios Mamakos, the team of Together for Children, and the representative of The Hellenic Initiative, Michalis Printzos, were present.

Following the interventions of Together for Children, the unit is now able to support all the needs of the area’s residents. Through the Emergency Interventions Program of Together for Children, the entire facility of the Unit was equipped.

The Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli provides services to a population of over 8,000 permanent residents and serves an average of 1,800 general medical cases and 640 pediatric cases annually.

Provision of Medical Equipment

The donation of medical equipment covers all the recorded needs for the effective operation of the unit and includes medical devices such as a portable multi-parameter monitoring monitor, an automatic defibrillator, an electrocardiograph, a scale with stadiometer, as well as general medical equipment such as stethoscopes, surgical scissors and forceps, sterilization box, etc.

Special emphasis was placed on the needs of the pediatric clinic of the Unit for medical equipment such as examination table for newborns-infants, electronic baby scale and infant stadiometer, etc.

Creation of a Children’s Corner

The waiting room of the pediatric clinic was transformed into a children’s corner by the team of Together for Children, aiming to create a space for play and socialization. Wall stickers, colorful tables and chairs, craft supplies, interactive games, and many books “brighten up” the room, making the stay more pleasant for both children and adults.

Building Equipment

The doctors’ offices and waiting areas were equipped with brand new furniture such as desks and chairs, as well as with the necessary electronic equipment such as computers and printers. Finally, Together for Children provided air conditioners and heaters for cooling/heating of the medical facility.

As stated by Mrs. Eirini Agapidaki, Deputy Minister of Health: “From the first moment that Thessaly was affected by the deadly passage of Storm Daniel, we were in the field, taking immediate measures to protect the health of the residents. Today, I am here again, this time at the 11th Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli in Larissa, which was renovated thanks to the invaluable donation of Together for Children.

The 11th Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli, which had been transferred to the Health Center due to extensive damage from incoming waters, will now be able to serve the citizens from its base as before. I would like to warmly thank Together for Children, the Georgiou and Katerina Sakellari Family, and The Hellenic Initiative for their generosity and dedication to the common good. Their action is an example to emulate and a source of inspiration for all of us who work daily for the prosperity and development of our society.

Mrs. Martinou, President of Together for Children, stated: “Today we delivered the equipped Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli, which was completely destroyed by the floods of September 2023. After our intervention, the unit is now able to meet the basic needs of the area’s residents. Together for Children stands by the families affected by natural disasters and health crises in various areas of our country. With the contribution of our supporters and volunteers, we provide the necessary assistance to the affected communities. Together, we can overcome any difficulty and offer relief.”

Michalis Printzos, representative of The Hellenic Initiative, said: “I am very proud that we are part of this important intervention. We responded immediately to the call of Together for Children to support the reopening of Local Healthcare Unit of Giannouli. Now the residents of the area will have the opportunity to receive medical services using modern medical equipment.

Warm Thanks

The reopening of the medical facility was made possible with equipment donated by Together for Children with the generous support of the Georgiou and Katerina Sakellari Family and The Hellenic Initiative.

A few words about the actions of “Together for Children” in Thessaly.

Together for Children has been by the side of the residents of Thessaly from the first moment after the devastating floods in September 2023, supporting them actively by providing basic goods, food, and first aid items.

With the start of the school year, Together for Children responded to the call of the Ministry of Education, Religion, and Sports to collect school supplies for the children of Thessaly. 2,650 boxes filled with school supplies were collected in collaboration with “Oloi Mazi Boroume” and the Region of Attica.

Support for the residents of Thessaly by Together for Children continued with the coverage of the needs of 3,500 large families in the regions of Trikala and Magnesia. In collaboration with the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF), through the Food Drive action and with the assistance of PEF employees and member companies, 5.5 tons of food products and cleaning and personal hygiene items were collected.