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tems of educational material and technical equipment (robotics)

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sensory integration room for a school for children with special needs
modern educational and play spaces


school playgrounds




school libraries

Since 2019, Together for Children has been implementing the program “Equal Opportunities for Children: Actions for Education in remote areas of Greece,” supporting public educational institutions of all levels and public healthcare facilities.

The aim of the program is to ensure every child’s right to equal opportunities in knowledge, education, and sports, as well as access to advanced medical services regardless of where they live.


The program is a holistic intervention in collaboration with local education authorities, local stakeholders, and municipalities in order to meet needs and respond to the requests of each school. 

Modern educational spaces are created to introduce students to contemporary scientific methods and different subjects, and to help them to develop soft skills by providing the appropriate tools for learning and sports.

Through the program, Together for Children remains in regular communication with the supported educational communities and contributes to developing a network among schools, promoting their outward focus, as well as the exchange of views and expertise among educators.


As part of the program, necessary medical technological equipment is provided to hospitals and health centers in border and remote areas of Greece.

Additionally, the scientific team of the 115 25 Helpline and the Counseling Center of Together for Children conducts psychoeducational seminars for parents, educators, and adolescents aimed at raising awareness and informing them about issues they face in the context of family dynamics, as well as strengthening parental roles.

The Program's Contribution to the
Sustainable Development Goals