Our Social Impact in 2023

of which were children

We provided free meals for six months to


The program ‘Support for Vulnerable Families’ provides assistance to families with children to overcome obstacles and improve their daily lives.

The program is implemented in collaboration with a wide network of municipal social services and other organizations throughout Greece. The social service of ‘Together for Children’ evaluates the requests made through collaborating agencies based on social and income criteria as well as medical history.

The program includes the provision of vouchers from major retail chains for the purchase of food and other essential needs for a period of six months. Additionally, medical examinations, psychological support – in collaboration with the Counseling Center of ‘Together for Children’ – and support for children’s education are offered. In collaboration with other non-profit organizations, parents can also be assisted in finding employment.

Program Pillars

Basic Necessities

Learning Support

Reinforcement Education

The Program's Contribution to the
Sustainable Development Goals