Together for Children stands by the communities and areas affected by natural disasters, health crises, or other emergencies, offering immediate relief assistance.

In addition to immediate actions, the team of Together for Children, in collaboration with local authorities and relevant agencies, also undertakes targeted interventions for long-term support in the affected areas.

Specifically, they contribute to the restoration and upgrading of infrastructure such as schools, health centers and hospitals, ensuring that residents of the affected areas can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

The Social Service of Together for Children visits residents of the affected areas and, after investigation and in collaboration with local social agencies, provides additional assistance to families with minor children when a need is identified.

At the same time, free psychological support is offered to the affected families through the Help Line 115 25 and the Counseling Center of Together for Children.

Program Pillars

Thessaly | Floods

Evros | Reviving Palagia Elementary School

North Evia | Wildfires

Mati | Wildfires


The Program's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals