Social Impact 2023

Held 18 parental groups, providing

minutes of counseling in total

Provided 72 psychoeducational seminars to

participants, including adolescents, parents and educators throughout Greece

Offered counseling services to


The helpline 115 25 of ‘Together for Children’ has been a reliable ally for parents, educators, and adolescents since 2009, providing free counseling support.

The helpline aims to provide psychological support and empower parents, educators, and adolescents regarding concerns and difficulties in their daily lives. It also strengthens the broader family and support systems of children and adolescents.

The most popular topics that concern the beneficiaries of the service are: exams and anxiety management, communication within the family, boundaries, school bullying, infant and toddler emotional development, adolescence, children and the internet, divorce among parents.

The helpline 115 25 consists of an experienced scientific team and trained volunteers under continuous clinical supervision. Confidentiality is a key element as all the calls are required to identify themselves and the calls are not recorded. Calls are free of charge from any landline/mobile provider.

Since 2017, Together for Children has been a member of the International Child Helpline Network (Child Helpline International), which includes 181 member helplines for child support in 147 countries worldwide.

Counseling Center

In addition to the incoming calls, the helpline 115 25 complements its services through the Counseling Center, whichprovides free online or in-person services, including:

  • Comprehensive counseling sessions
  • Parent support groups
  • Psycho-educational seminars with specific topics for parents, educators, and adolescents

Program Pillars

Psycho-Educational Seminars

Parenting Groups

Counselling Sessions

Psycho-Educational Seminars

Parenting Groups


Counselling Sessions

Operating hours and contact information

The helpline 115 25 and the Counseling Center operate from Monday to Friday: 9:00-19:00.
It is located at 14 Agiou ThomasAmpelokipoi.

Contact phone: 11525,

The Program's Contribution to the
Sustainable Development Goals