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Marilia Alexiou


My experience as a volunteer in "Together for Children" can be described as a beautiful trip accompanied with satisfaction of offering. Volunteerism for me is an opportunity to offer to children and families and be part of activities filling me with the joy of creativity and the sense that every day is with substance. I believe that we can contribute to the improvement of the daily routine of children and families in need with our positive energy, time and work.

Aliki Tsiamoura

Chairman of the Board of Ladies Union of Drama

For the remote city of Drama the collaboration of Ladies Union of Drama with Together for Children Association is a relief for our beneficiaries. Together for Children always on our side, helping our work and supporting our efforts, either through teleconferences conducted by its trained staff or through donations of goods. We thank you from our heart for what you offer us.

Michael Printzos

Director of Programming, The Hellenic Initiative

We are very proud of our long-lasting relationship with the Together for Children Association. Our support is just a small addition to the work that your staff and volunteers deliver on the ground. Working with you has proven to be an incredibly fulfilling experience for all of us here at THI.