Social Impact 2023

We offered

meals to children living in child protective institutions

We distributed

kilos of essential goods to 134 child protection organizations nationwide

The program “I Contribute Because I Care” was established in 2012 to support children living in or supported by child protection organizations.

More than 200 organizations throughout Greece participate in the program’s network, which supports 18,000 children annually by providing food, essential goods, school supplies, toys, clothing, footwear, and furniture.

The program aims to reduce socio-economic inequalities and create better living conditions for children and their families, while also helping to improve the quality of institutions.

Goods are collected at the facilities of Together for Children throughout the year, in collaboration with schools of all levels, private sector companies, individuals, and the Food Bank. They are then evaluated, sorted, and distributed to partner organizations nationwide according to their needs.


Program Pillars

Essential Goods

School Supplies

Baby Supplies

Breakfast Boxes

Secret Santa

Easter Bunny

The Program's Contribution to the
Sustainable Development Goals