“Together for Children” offered 108,000 diapers to babies in need with the support of Pampers®

“Together for Children,” in collaboration with Pampers®, offered 108,000 diapers to families in need. The distribution of the products took place at 16 locations across the country, specifically in Agios Dimitrios, Aidipsos, Aliveri, Elefsina, Eretria, Zografou, Thebes, Keratsini, Megara, Tavros, Chalandri, Chalkida, as well as 4 locations in the center of Athens. More than 100,000 diapers were distributed to vulnerable families in collaboration with child protection agencies, social services, and social groceries of the respective municipalities.

Every minute, 267 children are born, 16,041 every hour, 385,000 every day, and each one of them deserves the best care. Through this initiative, a large embrace of love and support was created for newborns and their families.

Ms. Matina Antoniou, Social Worker, Head of the “I Offer Because I Care” Program of “Together for Children,” stated: “We sincerely thank Pampers® and P&G, who have become supporters in our effort to support infants and their families in need. ‘Together for Children’ aims to ensure that every child in every corner of Greece has access to basic goods to grow and develop properly. Our goal through this joint action is to expand the network of aid and embrace as many children as we can.”

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A few words about the “I Offer Because I Care” program by “Together for Children”

The “I Offer Because I Care” program was created in 2012 to support children living in facilities or/and supported by child protection agencies.

More than 200 agencies across Greece participate in the program’s network, which annually supports 18,000 children with the provision of food, essential items, school supplies, toys, clothing, footwear, and furniture.

The purpose of the program is to reduce socio-economic inequalities and create better living conditions for children and their families, while also helping to upgrade the facilities.

The goods are collected at the “Together for Children” facilities throughout the year, in collaboration with schools of all levels, private sector companies, individuals, and the Food Bank. They are then evaluated, sorted, and offered to the collaborating agencies nationwide, according to their needs.