Together for Children Initiates a New Initiative to Support Child Welfare Organizations

Together for Children is launching a new initiative to support child welfare organizations financially, by providing assistance to one organization from each region every two years.

Recognizing the challenges faced by these organizations in their operation and with the desire for all children to have the best possible living conditions, Together for Children extends its financial aid to organizations outside Athens on a rotating basis.

The selection of the organization will be based on specific criteria, and a cooperation agreement will be signed.

Organizations wishing to join Together for Children’s support program must submit their operating statute, registration number, certification from the ERGANI system of the number of employees, the members of the administration (Board of Directors), published financial statements for at least the last two years, a bank account in the organization’s name, a report on the organization’s work for the last two years, and a description of the needs to be covered by the financial support.

Together for Children will financially support the organization, provide essential items for its operation, and assist it with legal and tax advice.

The start of the first two-year support cycle for the selected organization begins in October 2024 and ends in October 2026.

Interested organizations are requested to send the necessary certificates to