Together we are setting up the Easter table for 600 children

This Easter, we invite you to join forces and provide meals through meal vouchers for 600 children hosted in childcare facilities in various regions of Greece.
Childcare facilities have increased needs and face many challenges. The rise in prices of basic goods has further complicated their daily management. Our goal is to support them and at the same time bring joy to the children hosted in these facilities.
Objective: Supporting 600 children
With your valuable assistance, this Easter, our goal is to cover the nutrition of 600 children hosted in childcare facilities, by raising the amount of 60,000 euros.
The initial goal is to cover the meals of 100 children by raising 10,000 euros.
Beneficiary facilities will have the opportunity to purchase food through meal vouchers at large supermarket chains for 1 month.
How you can help:
Through electronic contribution at You can make a significant contribution with just one click.
With €5 I participate too.
With €15 I ensure one child’s milk for 1 month.
With €100 I ensure the nutrition of one child for 1 month.
With €500 I ensure the nutrition of 5 children for 1 month.
With €1,500 I ensure the nutrition of the children in a small facility for 1 month.
By calling or sending an SMS with the word “TOGETHER” to 19 805.
€2.60 per call from a landline (incl. VAT and fixed telephony fee).
€2.68 per call from a mobile phone (incl. VAT and 10% mobile telephony fee).
€2.71 per SMS (incl. VAT and 10% mobile telephony fee).
Support Line: 210 74 82 690
By bank deposit to the accounts of “Mazi gia to Paidi” (Together for Children).
Reason for payment: “Together for Easter”
IBAN: GR2902601020000100201233313
Account No: 0026.0102.10.0201233313
IBAN: GR24 0140 9600 9600 0232 0006 617
Account No: 960- 00-2320006617
A few words about the “I Care, I Give” program, by “Mazi gia to Paidi” (Together for Children):
The “I Care, I Give” program was created in 2012 to support children living in childcare facilities or supported by child protection agencies.
More than 200 organizations across Greece participate in the program’s network, which supports 18,000 children annually by providing food, essential items, school supplies, toys, clothing, footwear, and furniture.
The program aims to reduce socio-economic inequalities and create better living conditions for children and their families, while also helping to upgrade childcare facilities.
Goods are collected at “Mazi gia to Paidi” centers throughout the year, in collaboration with schools of all levels, private sector companies, individuals, and the Food Bank. They are then evaluated, sorted, and distributed to partner organizations nationwide, according to their needs.