Health and Well-Being

We support and promote the well-being of our beneficiary children by ensuring healthy living conditions, health coverage, access to basic quality health services, as well as access to affordable medicines and vaccines on a sustainable basis.

Together for Children

Together for the Child Helpline 115 25 providing free counseling services and psycho-emotional support to children and families.

Together for the Child Counseling Center providing free counseling services to children, families, schools and the community. 

Theotokos Foundation

Early intervention in children aged 2.5-5 years with developmental disorders.
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services. Provision of psychological support services, speech therapy, ergotherapy, medical monitoring, communication and sexual education groups, sensory integration programs for benefiting children and counseling parents.

Hatzipatereion Foundation

  • Providing rehabilitation services (occupational therapy, speech therapy, special preschool education) to children with cerebral palsy and congenital problems residing in Attica.
  • Walking Analysis of children experiencing motor problems Walking Analysis of children experiencing motor problems.


  • Counseling Center supporting children and families who face a loss, in Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Pediatric Palliative care for seriously ill children and adolescents.
  • Counseling support for school communities facing serious illness or the death of a member (eg a student, teacher, parent).

Panhellenic Juvenile Diabetes Union (P.J.D.U)

  • Specialized scientists provide psychological support, information, and education on Diabetes to children and families.
  • Experiential Seminars for young people with Juvenile Diabetes and their parents.

PNOE – Friends of Children in Intensive Care

  • Equips Intensive Care Units of public Athenian and Regional Hospitals, as well as it creates new units or renovates existing units.
  • Supports the rehabilitation of children following intensive care treatment. 

Friends of the Child

  • Provides social and psychological support to parents and children in need.
  • Organizes individual and group sessions to help parents enhance their role.

Center for individuals with Special Needs "Hara"

Providing hospitality to 57 children and adults with very serious mental disorders, Down Syndrome and Autism.

Cerebral Palsy Greece | Open Door

  • Day Care Center for adults with cerebral palsy  (aged 18-50) 
  • Respite Home for Temporary Care for children and adults with cerebral palsy (aged <10) 
  • Residential Homes for adults with cerebral palsy (aged 30-55)