Reduced Inequalities

We promote the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all children and young people of any gender, race, or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. At the same time, we help ensure the right to adequate, safe, affordable housing for children with disabilities.

Together for Children

Materializes activities and programs to support unaccompanied minors refugees.

Cerebral Palsy Greece | Open Door

Education, rehabilitation, social integration, residential programmes and recreation to children, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy (aged 4-50) and support to families.

Ίδρυμα Θεοτόκος

Εργασιακή Τοποθέτηση (πρόγραμμα «ΕργΑξία»),  με στόχο την προώθηση στην ελεύθερη αγορά εργασίας άτομα με νοητικές αναπτυξιακές διαταραχές και διαταραχές του αυτιστικού φάσματος.

Hatzipatereion Foundation

Hosting families from the country's provinces who are looking for solutions to their children's rehabilitation.

Panhellenic Juvenile Diabetes Union (P.J.D.U)

Organizes events, educational activities, excursions and summer camps to encourage socializing among its beneficiaries.

Friends of the Child

  • Offering summer vacations and participation in events to underprivileged and uninsured families
  • Providing school support and cultural education to beneficiary children.

Center for individuals with Special Needs "Hara"

Organizing sports activities that promote equal participation and socialization of people with disabilities and non-disabled people.

The "Children's Home" Foundation

  • Employing staff with special abilities.

  • Integrating immigrant children in Greek society.