No Poverty

We work to tackle poverty and create sustainable living conditions for the children and families we support by ensuring access to safe and nutritious food.

Together for Children

  • Collects and distributes basic goods to organizations that support underaged children and families in need all over Greece.
  • Supports families in need by providing them food coupons in collaboration with selected supermarket chains nationwide. 

Panhellenic Juvenile Diabetes Union (P.J.D.U)

Provides financial and material support to uninsured families having children with diabetes.

PNOE-Friends of Children in Intensive Care

Provides moral and material support to families in need who have children that are hospitalized in intensive care units in Athens.

Friends of Child

  • Covers every month the food needs of children and families in need.
  • Provides medical and health care to the families it supports.
  • Facilitates the housing expenses of low-income families, residents of Attica with underaged children.