Who we are

Board of Directors 

"Together for Children" is managed by a nine-member Board of Directors representing each of the nine organizations for a three-year term. The Board is elected by the General Assembly comprised by volunteers that accounts for the highest body of the Association. The Board is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the general guidelines and policy of the organization, as defined by the General Assembly.

President: Alexandra Martinou
Vice-President: Ioannis Papadatos, former Director of Intensive Care Unit "P. & A. Kyriakou Children's Hospital"
General Secretary: Erica Oikonou
Special Secretary: Yianna Panagiotidou
Treasurer: Tessa Aravani-Sarantopoulou
Members: Christos Bartsocas, Mareta Nikolaou, Yiorgos Papadakis, Douki Mathioudaki
Honorary Presidents: Caren Mavridi, Christos Bartsocas

Scientific Associates

Gerasimos Alivizatos, Urologist, Director of the 3rd Urological Clinic of Hygeia Hospital.
Panos Antsaklis, Gynecologist - Obstetrician
Alexia Vernikou, Psychologist - Family Psychotherapist
Dimitris Kerameus, Lawyer
Eleni Lazaratou, Professor of Child Psychiatry, Primary Psychiatric Clinic, EKPA
Evi Ntagouli, Pediatric and Psychiatric Nurse - Health Visitor of the Children's General Hospital "Agia Sofia", Msc, PhD candidate
Vassiliki Dre, MSc Psychiatric Nurse, Mental Health Visitor
Marina Martinou, PhD Development Cognitive Neuroscientist
Vana Papaevangelou, Professor of Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases, University of Athens Medical School - Director of the 3rd Pediatric Clinic, ATTIKON University General Hospital

Our team

Maria Alexiadou, Psychologist-Psychotherapist
George Andritsos, Warehouse Manager-Driver
Matina Antoniou, Product Sponsorship Manager
Maria Chatzinikolaki, General Manager 
Nikos Giotas, Social Worker-Psychotherapist
Lefteris Theodorakopoulos, Head of Press Office
Sofia Kamareta, Project Manager
Lisa Mayakou, Operations Manager
Ioannis Mataliotakis, Social Worker
Tatiana Moulouli, Head of Social Programs & Volunteering
Alexandra Papakosta, Psychologist-Psychotherapist
Nagia Sourvinou, Psychologist
Evina Sotiropoulou, Communication Manager
Anna Tsouri, Administration Secretariat
Evangelos Ziakas, Warehouse Manager-Driver

Our Ambassadors

Duchess Nomikos and Stefanos Tsitsipas offer their own special support to our work as TFG ambassadors.

Duchess Nomikou

Duchess Nomikou is a well-known public figure, particularly beloved by younger generations. 
As a TFG ambassador, she states: "Volunteering is a life goal for me – a conscious participation and offering for a better world, for the children in need, for our fellow human beings in need, for our children, for ourselves. Let us all unite together with good deeds, with daily deeds.”
We are very happy that she is by our side, sharing her positive energy and support of the Association and its ongoing efforts and activities

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Internationally renowned tennis champion Stefanos Tsitsipas is an ambassador of "Together for Children".
In addition to his individual support of TFC, Stefanos frequently promotes the organization’s work in his professional interviews. He states: “I met the people of “Together for Children” and I was inspired by the work they offer to thousands of children in need in Greece who face difficulties in their daily lives. I believe it is my duty to contribute to the efforts made for these children. "
He has played tennis with children supported by the Association, offering them a unique life experience.