When your child refuses to study

A frequent cause of tension between parents and their children is their refusal to study which oftenly results in poor school performance.

The causes associated with poor school performance are:

  • Failure to respond to school requirements due to cognitive immaturity and lack of knowledge from previous classes.
  • The absence of an efficient way of studying and / or the appropriate studying environment.
  • The lack of internal motivation for learning in general and the educational process specifically.
  • The educational process is often removed from the knowledge and focuses both on reproduction of other information for exam success.
  • The vital importance of  success usually leads to additional educational aid causing a busy student program that causes fatigue and inability to concentrate and ultimately poor performance.
  • The teacher's role in the educational system often complicates the student instead of supporting it and inspires the desire to learn.
  • The family environment which compares / classifies / punishs the "bad" student without encouranging it, but instead activating a "self-fulfilling prophecy." These expectations maybe coming from the parents and are the child's wishes leading them to a refusal to study coming as an reaction to the pressure that the child feels.

The current social reality of high levels of unemployment and low wages might possibly prevent a young person from giving meaning to learning and therefore to good school performance.