Embracing more than 2,000 children in Evros

"Together for Children"(TFC) Association, in the context of its initiative "Equal Opportunities for Children: Actions for Health and Education in Borderland Areas of Greece", visited Evros for the second consecutive year, providing support to more than 2,000 children and youth in collaboration with local agencies.

Offer of Medical Equipment 

At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis, TFC donated a medical device for monitoring vital functions. The donation follows last year's contribution, further providing the latest in technological equipment to serve the needs of 600,000 residents from five prefectures in the area.

Moreover, TFC donated a wheeled suction to the Health Center of Dikaia supporting a population of 8,000 inhabitants in the wider area. In addition,  TFC offered covid-19 medical supplies (masks, goggles and protective uniforms)  for the doctors and the staff of the Center.

Reconstruction of school courts in Deidymoteicho

On behalf of TFC, approximately 160 students who attend the Primary School of Northeastern Greece in Deidymoteicho will now have the opportunity to play in brand new courts totaling 790 square meters. In addition to beautifying the school’s courtyard, TFC structured the courts using special carpeting to delineate basketball, volleyball and handball areas in addition to providing all the necessary equipment for each sporting activity. 

Renovation of school courts and the playground in Dikaia

TFC renovated a basketball and volleyball court for the 54 students of the Primary School of Dikaia, located in the northernmost point of Greece. Additionally, TFC provided outdoor playground equipment for the 15 children who attend the Kindergarten of Dikaia.

Creation of a greenhouse for the cultivation of environmental awareness in Rizia

TFC created a greenhouse for the cultivation of vegetables and aromatic plants at the Primary School of Rizia where 58 students are currently enrolled. Rizia is a village of 1,200 inhabitants located 5 km from the Greek-Turkish border in the area of Orestiada.
The creation of the greenhouse marks the beginning of an innovative school program which aims to contribute to the development of students' environmental awareness under the guidance of a specialized teacher.
At the same time, it introduces children to the field of agriculture, which is the main professional occupation of the local population of Evros, one of the most fertile and productive areas of Greece.
Through this innovative educational program, children are given the opportunity to build a meaningful connection to their homeland. The greenhouse will also serve as a milestone for the local community as the area’s wider population will have the opportunity to explore rural development through interactive workshops.

Offering educational equipment for 13 schools in Evros

This year’s donation by TFC will provide support for the educational needs of more than 845 students from 13 schools throughout the municipalities of Deidymoteicho, Orestiada, and Rizia, to the most northernmost point of Greece in Dikaia, including three special needs schools that are new to the program. 
In the two years since the inception of TFC’s initiative "Equal Opportunities for Children: Actions for Health and Education in Borderland Areas of Greece", 45 schools will have been reached by its efforts. 
This school year, the following were provided:
o Electronic equipment: Interactive Boards, Computers, Projectors, etc.
o Sporting supplies
o Board games, puzzles, activity “corners” (carpenter, supermarket, etc.) and outdoor playground equipment
o Books
o Furniture

Alexandra Martinou: Our goal is to improve the daily lives of the thousands of children we embrace in every corner of Greece.

Ms. Alexandra Martinou, President of TFC, said:
A year has passed since our first visit to the borderland area of Evros. We are together again, under very special circumstances this time, but with the same love and willingness to offer. All of us at the Association "Together for Children" work systematically to improve the daily lives of the thousands of children and young people we embrace in every corner of our country. We are grateful to the local authorities and the municipalities for their cooperation, as well as the supporters and friends of the Association. Thanks to their valuable contributions, our efforts were successfully implemented ".

Companions of TFC’s initiative in the remote area of Evros

The vision of the TFC Association is to support children who are on the borders of our country and offer them new opportunities as well as supplies for their future development. These actions have been implemented thanks to the kind help and support of the people who believed in our purpose and joined in TFC’s efforts to reach more children in Evros.
 Warm thanks to:

  • BWIN for its valuable support towards reconstructing the two courts in the 3rd Elementary School of Deidymoteicho, as well as the beautification of its courtyard. 
  • The Family of Andreas and Alexandra Martinou for their kind support towards reconstructing the courtyard of the Primary School of Dikaia and providing outdoor playground equipment for the Kindergarten of Dikaia
  • EURODRIP for its kind sponsorship of the greenhouse at the Primary School of Rizia.
  • Mrs. Kyveli Alexiou for her donation of books and toys.

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