My Paper Friend

When we were children, most of us at least hated books and reading. This was because we had connected them with school, morning waking up and stress. We considered reading as a mundane task which we had to finish it as soon as possible in order to do something that would love for example playing.How reading books can help our child? Are there any ways for parents to encourage their child to love books?

The advantages of reading:

• A book story could make children see some things more realistically. Through the stories they learn about life values ​​that might parents find it difficult to

explain, such as friendship, trust and respect. They will be able to learn about their existence and understand them through the stories they read.

• They learn to overcome their fears. Through a story, along with the hero, children may confront with their own fears and find ways to overcome them.
• They begin to understan the  process of problem solving.
• Books contain many moral lessons.
• Stories help children to develop their imagination.
• Finally, a book is a very good opportunity for dialogue. After the end of a book reading we could discuss the story with our child, to ask and to answer any existing questions.

But it is not always easy to make our child to read.

In order to succeed we must firstly believe ourselves in the advantages of book reading.

What will help:
• First of all to read ourselves. Each parent is a role model for her/his child. So when a child sees his/her parent  reading a book and enjoying it, sooner or later

the child will try to read a book.
• We should read books to our child from an early age. The child does not need to know to read by him/herself, only to hear a story and enjoy it.

• It also helps to share some of our own experience with a book from our young age. Our good impression and how much fun we had. How much we learned from it.
• we could give away a book to the child or to go with our child to bookstore to  browse books with him/her until he/she chooses one.
• Finally, it helps a lot to read with our child. Select a  time in the day that you will relax with our child, hang out  and discuss what we read.

Certainly children need to have time for playing and to read extracurricular books. We simply need to clarify to them that reading is not what they just think. It is not  something that is necessarily stressful, but something that will make them travel with worlds in places that have never been to and to meet people and creatures that will entertain and teach them. Even a funny little story can give joy to someone.

Kouroumpli Katerina
Mental Health Counselor - Child Psychologist (Msc)
Volunteer in the "Together for the Child"
Nationwide Hotline 115 25 and Advice Centre for Mothers, parents, children and adolescents