# Covid19Answer | Holistic interventions of "Together for the Child"

Together for Children instituted a number of emergency initiatives in support of the Greek community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results from our social initiatives during the period of March 10 - May 15, 2020 are as follows:

• € 470,000 in medical equipment to the ICU’s of 14 hospitals nationwide
• Direct support to 6,740 children through our program outreach
• Supermarket coupon for over three months to 78 families (268 individuals, of which 161 are children)
• 34.7 tons of food and basic necessities to children's
• Psychological support to 610 families through our 115 25 Helpline Line

Pillars of action by "Together for Children" during the COVID-19 pandemic:


"Together for Children" provided €470,000 worth of medical equipment to 14 hospitals nationwide. In collaboration with the Association’s member, “PNOI - Children's Intensive Care Friends”, TfC was able to equip intensive care units throughout the country with the necessary machinery to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. TfC donated 52 monitors for tracking vital functions, 120 pumps for continuous injection of medicines, and necessary consumables, directly impacting the public health system’s infrastructure in times of crisis.
"Together for Children" provided psychological support to 610 families through its 115 25 Helpline which offers counseling to parents, adolescents and teachers for any difficulty, concern or hardship they face. During the lockdown period, the helpline continued to operate smoothly from Monday to Friday, 9.00-21.00, offering relief to the population while concurrently publishing free counseling seminars online.


TfC distributed € 50,000 to families that were severely affected by the restrictive measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, including emergency assistance to 78 families in need through the provision of supermarket coupons covering their basic, every-day needs for at least 3 months.  
TfC distributed 34.7 tons of food and sanitary items from its warehouse to its network of child protective institutions that host children or support families in need.

Together for Children warmly thanks the following for their generous contributions:

For hospital equipment: our biggest sponsor – efood company – who donated € 200,000, as well as Trafigura Group, The OAK Foundation and our benefactors: Andreas & Marina Martinos, Andreas & Alexandra Martinos and Ioannis & Maya Martinos for their contribution to the national effort.
For our social service program offering support to families in need: Eurolife Insurance, Bwin and Trafigura Foundation as well as Real FM for the implementation of a radio marathon during Easter, and more than 600 of our fellow citizens who responded to our crowdfunding campaign, www.supportmazi.gr/paramenoumediplatous.
For our network program offering support to institutions that host children in need: efood , Delta, Barbastathis, Food Bank, Beiersdorf, Melissa-Kikizas and the Parents' Association of Primary School of Athens College.
For the operation of our Helpline 115 25: The Hellenic Initiative-USA, Eurobank, Raycap, and the Kallinikeion Foundation.