Support us in simple ways

By redeeming points from ALPHA BANK cards

"Together for Children" is one of the 23 charities supported by ALPHA BANK which enables its card users to redeem their points they have accumulated from their purchases.


Shell Smart Club support us

You can support us by purchasing gas from SHELL stores and redeeming your points for our Association. For every 200 points redeemed SHELL donate us 2 euros.



By purchasing IVI GO children's juices, PEPSI CO offers part of its sales proceeds to the "Together for Children" Association.



TAI insect repellents support our efforts by offering part of the proceeds from their product purchases to the "Together for Children" Association.


Tradenow & Support us!

You can support the activities of our Association by making a transaction through the automated barter platform,


Share & Spread the Word!

We believe in the power of communication! Post our banner on your website and help us spread the word on our activities.


Donations of joy

If you are about to get married or baptize your child and you already have all the kitchenware and baby cloths you need, why not consider raising money for "Together for Children" Association?