Food Relief Program

The food relief program, "It is important to offer", was launched by "Together for Children" Association in December 2013 and has as an objective to provide families with the essentials. Families in need are included in the program for six months and receive free shopping coupons to redeem to large supermarket chains in the country.

Up to now, more than 240 beneficiaries have joined the program for a period of six months. The objective  is to increase the number of beneficiary families  that will have access to basic necessities.

Ways to support the program:

By donations

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Help poor families recover from social exclusion
  • Raise awareness on food needs of inpoverished families
  • Ensure transparency in the procedures followed for the provision of meals to families in need


Criteria for families qualified to participate in the program:

  • Income: Annual family income must not exceed € 6.000.
  • Family status: Basic qualification requirement for participating in the program is to have underaged children.
  • Family housing conditions will be also be taken into account.
  • Households should not participate in another food relief program organized by other institutions (e.g. Municipalities etc).
  • Families are selected exclusively from the "Together for Children" Association, after checking the necessary documents, in collaboration with child protection agencies.

We encourage you to support a family by purchasing a food relief card.

For more information, contact the Association's social service at +30 210 74 82 690 or at